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About Us

Family Owned & Operated

The people of Coweta keep coming back to Wild Child Coffee Co. because they know that we love what we do. We are passionate about taste and presentation, and every product is created with a love of baking. We want our store to be a regular stop for every customer, and we strive to create a pleasant, welcoming atmosphere that encourages you to stop by any time.

Every meal should end with a cookie or cupcake, and you can choose from a variety of different kinds when you choose Wild Child Coffee Co.. Take home a surprise treat for the special people in your life or satisfy your sweet tooth with the best cookies and cupcakes around.

We aren’t just baking; we are creating an experience, and every step should be exciting. From the mixing to the baking to the consumption of our baked goods, we are committed to quality the entire way. If we don’t have what you are looking for on hand, we are happy to take custom orders and create just what you envision. Allow us to help you discover the perfect baked goods for any Coweta occasion.

#W I L D C H I L D

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